July 2000

31.....Stoke were too slick for Arena-Essex in this PL match and scooted to a big 56-34 win.

31.....Eastbourne, with new British GP winner Martin Dugard, were too good for Coventry in this Elite League match winning 49-40.

31.....Newport were surprisingly competitive in this loss to visiting Hull in the Premier League as their team is severely depleted through injury. The 'Wasps' lost 43-47. 'Kiwi' Nathan Murray tried very hard, falling in a few rides and returned a score-chart of 3,ex,1,3,0,0,f=7.

31.....Newcastle made it one way traffic as they blitzed a visiting Berwick 62-28 in a PL fixture

31.....CRUMP: IT'S STILL ALL TO RACE FOUR.....................

         AUSTRALIAN Jason Crump crashed out of the British Grand Prix at Coventry - but climbed two places to fourth in the world championship standings.
         On a night of shocks in the midlands, covered live on Sky Sports, only one of the top six riders in the world made it through to the final as wild card Martin Dugard took the title from Aussie Ryan Sullivan and a late reserve replacement Jason Lyons.
        Crump had looked super sharp and quick on the way to the semi-finals but a first turn crash ended his hopes of producing his third British GP triumph of his career.
         Mark Loram was the only world title chaser to make the final and he moved ahead in the race for the championship with a third place in the A Final while his closest rival Tony Rickardsson could only finish second behind Leigh Adams in the Consolation Final.
         After finishing last in that race, Crump is now behind Loram, Rickardsson and Billy Hamill in the standings with two rounds to go at Vojens, Denmark and Bydgoszcz, Poland.
         Shaven-haired Crump was clearly disappointed with the result. He said afterwards: "I feel like I blew it a bit. But you need a slice of luck in these meetings and I didn't get it.
          "I was in the wrong place at the wrong time in the semi-final, forced into the deep grip on the outside and the bike just straightened up and I had to get off.
          "I felt good up until that point which makes defeat all the more painful. I have succeeded before at Coventry and I felt confident I could do it again.
         "But that's sport, that's speedway and I'm happy to stay in the top eight and start in the main event in Vojens. I only have three guys in front of me in the race for the world title. It's a tall order to win it now, it would take two disastrous meetings for Loram and Rickardsson, but I must relax and go for a rostrum place."
         Crump started with a second place in Heat 12 causing controversy when he slowed on the last corner to let  Sullivan through so he could have gate three in his next outing.
         No problems either in Heat 17 when Crump led from the start again and, despite being passed by Leigh Adams, he comfortably qualified for the semi-finals.
        The Aussie had gate three again for the semi and made a good start. But as he reached the first turn he was level with fellow countryman Lyons who forced the King's Lynn rider wide and onto the deep, slimy shale and Crump went down.
        The Consolation Final was always going to be tough for Crump, starting from the unfavoured gate four and so it proved. Never out of contention, he once almost passed third-placed Hancock but it wasn't enough and he had to settle for 10 GP points.
        Prior to the event it was announced by Benfield Sports International - who control the Grands Prix - that the next FOUR British GPs will be held at the 72,000 all-seater Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.
       Crump added: "This is an incredible move for speedway. Benfield are doing a fantastic job and it's terrific that the sport is moving in the right direction. Long may it continue."

30.....It was a great day for the Australians competing in the British Grand Prix at Coventry as Ryan Sullivan rode brilliantly all night to finish in second place and Jason Lyons (who came into the round as replacement rider for the injured Tomasz Gollob) had the night of his life taking fourth place.
         Grand Prix wildcard rider Martin Dugard shocked the world by storming into the lead in the 'A' Final after Ryan made a flying start, and won the Coventry GP with Mark Loram holding onto third which gave him the series lead.
Leigh Adams also performed superbly winning the Consolation Final after an unkucky Semi-Final and although Jason Crump trailed to fourth in the 'B' Final, he has 'leap-frogged' to overall fourth in the GP standings after 4 rounds. Todd Wiltshire would arguably take the 'unluckiest rider' vote of the night as he was shoved and elbowed back through the pack on several occasions but fought tenaciously to finish twelfth. GP Details from Marcin Babnis...................

Heat winner runner-up third fourth
1: Lee Richardson
Ryan Sullivan Brian Karger M.Karlsson - G
2: C.Stonehewer Martin Dugard Antonin Kasper Peter Karlsson
3: Jimmy Nilsen Greg Hancock Brian Andersen John Jorgensen
4: Joe Screen H.Gustafsson Andy Smith
Todd Wiltshire
Todd Wiltshire Peter Karlsson Brian Andersen Brian Karger
6: M.Karlsson Antonin Kasper Andy Smith John Jorgensen
7: Martin Dugard H.Gustafsson Jimmy Nilsen Lee Richardson
Ryan Sullivan Greg Hancock C.Stonehewer Joe Screen
Todd Wiltshire Jimmy Nilsen Antonin Kasper Joe Screen
10: Peter Karlsson M.Karlsson C.Stonehewer Lee Richardson
11: Martin Dugard Greg Hancock T.Rickardsson Stefan Danno
Ryan Sullivan Jason Crump H.Gustafsson Billy Hamill
13: M.Karlsson
Todd Wiltshire Jason Lyons Chris Louis
14: Mark Loram
Leigh Adams Peter Karlsson Jimmy Nilsen
15: T.Rickardsson
Jason Lyons Jimmy Nilsen B.Hamill - F
16: Peter Karlsson Chris Louis Stefan Danno H.Gustafss - X
Leigh Adams Jason Crump Martin Dugard M.Karlsson
Ryan Sullivan Mark Loram Greg Hancock T.Wiltshire - F
19: Martin Dugard T.Rickardsson Chris Louis
Todd Wiltshire
Jason Lyons Greg Hancock M.Karlsson Peter Karlsson
21: Martin Dugard Mark Loram Greg Hancock
Leigh Adams
Ryan Sullivan Jason Lyons T.Rickardsson J.Crump - X
Leigh Adams T.Rickardsson Greg Hancock Jason Crump
24: Martin Dugard
Ryan Sullivan Mark Loram Jason Lyons

Final standings Pos No Rider GP Classic scoring
1 23 Martin Dugard GBR 25    2331333
2 8
Ryan Sullivan AUS 20    233332
3 16 Mark Loram GBR 18    3221
4 28
Jason Lyons AUS 16    12320
5 5
Leigh Adams AUS 15    2303
6 1 Tony Rickardsson SWE 14    13212
7 7 Greg Hancock USA 12    2221211
8 6
Jason Crump AUS 10    22X0
9 10 Chris Louis GBR 8    021
10 12 Mikael Karlsson SWE 8    G32301
11 19 Peter Karlsson SWE 7    023130
12 21
Todd Wiltshire AUS 7    0332F0
13 3 Jimmy Nilsen SWE 6    31201
14 9 Stefan Danno SWE 6   01
15 11 Billy Hamill USA 5    0F
16 15 Henrik Gustafsson SWE 5    221X
17 13 Carl Stonehewer GBR 4    311
18 18 Antonin Kasper CZE 4    121
19 4 Joe Screen GBR 3    300
20 24 Lee Richardson GBR 3    300
21 17 Andy Smith GBR 2    11
22 20 Brian Andersen DEN 2    11
23 14 Brian Karger DEN 1    10
24 25 John Jorgensen POL 1    00

Current standings Pos Rider 1 2 3 4 5 6 Tot.
1 16 Mark Loram GBR 20 20 15 18 73
2 1 Tony Rickardsson SWE 14 16 25 14 69
3 11 Billy Hamill USA 25 6 20 5 56
4 6
Jason Crump AUS 5 25 12 10 52
5 10 Chris Louis GBR 18 7 18 8 51
6 8
Ryan Sullivan AUS 8 12 8 20 48
7 21
Todd Wiltshire AUS 16 18 7 7 48
8 5
Leigh Adams AUS 6 10 16 15 47
9 2 Tomasz Gollob POL 15 14 14 - 43
10 3 Jimmy Nilsen SWE 6 15 5 6 32
11 7 Greg Hancock USA 7 5 7 12 31
12 12 Mikael Karlsson SWE 12 7 4 8 31
13 13 Carl Stonehewer GBR 10 8 3 4 25
14 23 Martin Dugard GBR - - - 25 25
15 9 Stefan Danno SWE 3 4 10 6 23
16 18 Antonin Kasper CZE 7 6 5 4 22
17 19 Peter Karlsson SWE 3 2 8 7 20
18 4 Joe Screen GBR 5 5 6 3 19
19 15 Henrik Gustafsson SWE 8 4 2 5 19
20 28
Jason Lyons AUS - - - 16 16
21 14 Brian Karger DEN 2 3 4 1 10
22 22 Rafal Dobrucki POL 4 3 3 - 10
23 20 Brian Andersen DEN 4 2 1 2 9
24 24 Rune Holta NOR - 8 - - 8
25 17 Andy Smith GBR 2 1 1 2 6
26 24 Sebastian Ulamek POL - - 6 - 6
27 24 Lee Richardson GBR - - - 3 3
28 23 Piotr Protasiewicz POL - - 2 - 2
29 23 Nicki Pedersen DEN - 1 - - 1
30 23 Michal Makovsky CZE 1 - - - 1
31 24 Bohumil Brhel CZE 1 - - - 1
32 25 John Jorgensen POL - - - 1 1    

29.....The first Test match of the 'Young England' versus 'Young Australia' was held in rainy conditions at Oxford with the home team taking the narrow win 47-43. Simon Stead was touted as 'Man of the Match' with a solid 11 from his 5 rides and Olliver Allen was handy on 7 from 4 rides. For the Aussies, Craig Watson was near unbeatable with 2,3,3,3,2',3=16+1, Kevin Doolan 0,2',1,1'=4+2, Adam Shields 2,2,2,3=9, Brent Collyer f,0,1',1=2+1, Travis McGowan stunning but for his last ride with 3,3,3,3,f=12, Adrian Newman 1,0,0,0=1 and Lee Herne found the night tough without scoring from his 3 rides.

29.....Edinburgh glided to an easy victory over Glasgow 57-34. Christian Henry is really settling in to consistent riding for the 'Monarchs' and posted 3,1,1,1=6. Rusty Harrison also looks a wonderful future prospect for the 'Tigers' and rode better than he scored on N,0,1',0,2'=3+2 

29.....Arena-Essex cruised to a good win over PL table leaders Exeter 51-38

27.....Kings Lynn were untroubled in this EL match......their first without Shane Parker.......and went on to easily account for Coventry 56-34. Jason Crump returned a 'paid maximum 3,3,3,2'=11+1, Craig Boyce looked off the pace with 2',1,1,1=5+1, Travis McGowan was on fire with a brilliant 3,3,3,1',1=11+1 and Leigh Adams was unbeatable amassing a maximum from his 5 untroubled rides.

27......In this weeks Sky televised match, Peterborough kept visiting Ipswich at bay for most of the EL fixture with Brett Woodifield starring for the 'Panthers'. Brett's night was a marathon as he scored heavily in his best match for his new club with 2,1',1,3,2',0,2=11+2, Ryan Sullivan (2,3,3,2,2=12) once again was strong although he was beaten three times by the 'Witches' Chris Louis, and Nigel Sadler withdrew part way through the meeting finishing on 1',1=2+1

27.....Hull had the measure of Berwick throughout this PL fixture and comfortably won 51-41.

27.....Poole and Wolverhampton fought out a 'nip and tuck' match with the home side 'Pirates' eventually taking the win 48-42. Craig Watson had an up and down night with 0,1',2,0,fex=3+1, while Jason Lyons guested for the 'Wolves' finishing on 3,3,1,0=7.

27.....JASON GOES FOR BRIT HAT-TRICK.................

            FLYING Australian
Jason Crump knows that victory in this Saturday's British Grand Prix will put him in the race for the world title.
And the UK GP holds no fears for the King's Lynn rider after his two victories in four appearances dating back to 1995. But, no doubt about it, if the Aussie strikes gold in the midlands this weekend it will be his most important win yet.
            Crump currently lies sixth in the world championship standings after three very different performances in the Czech Rep., Sweden and Poland.
          The Gold Coast rider had a disaster in the opener in Prague, won emphatically in Linkoping and then finished seventh in Wroclaw on July 1 - with Crump only a whisker away from another A Final spot after a battle with eventual winner and world champion Tony Rickardsson which relegated him to third place in the semi-final and out.
          But the disappointment in Poland hasn't deterred Crump and he said: "I was close to securing a place in the final but I couldn't get a decent line to race behind Chris Louis and Tony made the most of that to get through.
         "But I was happy with my performance considering I'd only had a couple of meetings under my belt since returning from injury after the crash I had in the Swedish Grand Prix.
         "Now it's all back to square one for Coventry but I am obviously happy to be starting the meeting in the main event as one of the seeds."
         Crump has some British Grand Prix record. In 1995 - as a wild card following his World Under-21 title win - he won his first three rides only to just miss out on the A Final before crashing out in the B Final.
          In 1996, the Aussie upstaged the big world title race between Hans Nielsen and Billy Hamill to defeat them both in the A Final in London. Despite that win Crumpie still went out of the series that season only to return in 1998 and win again, only this time at Coventry, defeating Jimmy Nilsen, Tomasz Gollob and
Ryan Sullivan in the final.
          Just 12 months ago, the King's Lynn rider again looked good only to make a slight mistake while in second place in his semi-final which let through Chris Louis. But Crump brushed aside his disappointment to comfortably win the Consolation Final and claim fifth place.
         So how does Crump see the British GP 2000? He added: "Like any other Grand Prix, very tough, no-one giving an inch. But
for us Aussies it's our home Grand Prix and that's helpful.
         "We can run this GP from our own workshop in Northampton and that makes it more comfortable but not any easier on the track. "I'll be giving it everything as usual and I just hope my luck holds and I
can get a good result."

26....With a terrific all round performance by the Isle of Wight 'Islanders', Glasgow returned home a well beaten side from this PL match 56-34. Adam Shields played a solid part in the victory with 3,2,2,1=8, while Rusty Harrison struggled to 1,0,0,0=1 for the 'Tigers'.

26.....Round 12 of Swedish Elite League results from Stein Waalen.......................

................................Kaparna 61  Shane Parker 1,3,N,3,2',3=12+1
                                Valsarna 35  

................................Vastervik 55  Steve Johnston 1,0,3,f=4  Todd Wiltshire 3,3,3,1,2'=12+1  Craig Boyce 3,3,2',0,2'=10+2
                                Indianerna 41

................................Ornarna 45  Jason Lyons 2,1,2',2,1=8+1
                                Vargarna 51 
Jason Crump 2,2',2,3,2=11+1

................................Rospiggarna V Smederna postponed

................................Masarna V Svelux postponed

25.....Glasgow won away at Reading through a good team effort while the 'Racers' relied too heavily on too few. Rusty Harrison's contribution to the victory was a very handy 3,-,1',1,1=6+1.

25.....Eastbourne must now rate as favorites to take out the Elite League Championship with a dazzling win away at Wolverhampton 41-49.

25.....The 'Premier Trophy' semi-final has been taken out by Exeter after a very big win at home over Workington. Following the 'Comets' 1st leg home win of 56-34 two nights earlier, the 'Falcons' then welcomed Workington to their daunting track and proceeded to tear apart any hope they had of making it to the Final. The score-line........60-30 for an aggregate of 94-86. The 'Comets' Mick Powell was inglorious with 4+1 from 4 rides, and Adrian Newman 3 from 3 rides.

24.....Stoke defeated Berwick 49-41 in PL action.

24.....Glasgow were too classy for Isle of Wight winning this PL match 50-40. Rusty Harrison scored 0,2',0,1=3+1 for the 'Tigers' and Adam Shields fared a little better with 2,2,2,0=6 for the 'Islanders'.

24.....Newport fan Rob Jones watched a terrific PL match between the 'Wasps' and Workington 'Comets'..........................

              Some very good racing and result in doubt throughout. Wasps fought back from 6 down and eventually levelled in heat 13.
A tremendous effort by Chris Neath (Wasps) who rode three laps on outside of Brent Werner (Comets) in heat 14 but couldn't pull off the win meant still all square going into last heat.
             It looked like Anders Henriksson (Wasps) was away to his 18 point max when went slightly wide on bend two and Peter I Karlson (Comets) shot through inside to deny him and take the win but Ben Howe (Wasps) had third in front of Werner so result was a draw 45 all.
            The match started a half hour late as Workington sportingly allowed the delay as Ben Howe was stuck in traffic after an accident on the motorway.
            For the Wasps Anders was superb with 17. Chris Neath deserved more than his 9+2 and Ben got 9+1.
            New Zealander
Nathan Murray, who may get a run in the team made a superb run through first bend to take lead in heat 2 over Adrian 'Skip' Newman. He had moved well clear before taking a spectacular crash into pits fence with race well
won. He completed strongly in his remaining rides including a good pass of Skippy in one ride and should have had more on the day than F,0,1+1,1+1 - 2+2. Certainly worth another chance as I don't think rode track before.
            For Workington, Peter I Karlsson scored 12+2 and only dropped a point to Anders. He had a good partnership going with Brent Werner.  Carl Stonehewer finished with 7+1 and didn't win a race! 
Mick Powell 2,2,3,0  - 7 this included a important win in heat 9 just after we had got a 5-1 in heat 8. Adrian Newman scored 3,1+1,0,0,0  - 4+1

24.....Polish EkstraLiga round 14 results from Roman Chyla......................

.....................................Gorzow 42  Jason Crump 3,2,1,3,1,1=11
                                     Pila 48

.....................................Bydgoszcz 62  Todd Wiltshire 3,3,2,3,0=11
                                     Wroclaw 28

.....................................Gdansk 30    Match abandoned after 9 heats
                                     Torun 24 
Ryan Sullivan 2,1,3,3=9

.....................................Czestochowa 54
                                     Leszno 36
Leigh Adams 2,2,3,3,3=13

23.....Eastbourne returned to their winning ways with a big victory over visiting Oxford 54-36. Todd Wiltshire is going through an unusually tough period adding R,1,3,1,0=5, Mark Lemon had plenty of rides scoring 2,0,0,2',1,0=5+1 and Steve Johnston an aggressive 2,2,2,3,3,2=14 'pearler' of a match. Joe Screen was brilliant for the 'Eagles' amassing a near maximum 17 from 6 rides.

23.....Berwick held off a determined outfit from Isle of Wight scrapping through to win 47-43. 'Islander'  Adam Shields had an unusually tough nights racing on a track he'd not ridden before and posting a lowly R,0,1',1'=2+2.

23.....Kings Lynn kept Poole at arms length after a strong start and went on to comfortably win the EL match 49-41. Jason Crump was a little down on average with 3,2,2,2,0=9, Shane Parker was put up to number 2 and posted 1,1',2,1'=5+2, Craig Boyce was hot and cold with 3,0,0,3=6, Travis McGowan had a terrific team lifting night adding 2',2,2,2'=8+2 and Leigh Adams was good with 3,3,3,0,2=11. Craig Watson struggled for the 'Pirates' with 0,1,0,1'=2+1.

22.....With an absolutely brilliant show put on by Ryan Sullivan, The Peterborough 'Panthers' gave visiting Kings Lynn a send-off of 51-39 in the Elite League match. Ryan was able to dispense of Jason Crump and Leigh Adams 3 times each on his way to a 15 point maximum. Also amongst the points was a steadily improving Nigel Sadler as he reached an unlucky at times 3,ef,2',2,f=7+1, and Brett Woodifield a handy 2',2,2,1'=7+2. The 'Knights' Jason Crump added 2,3,3,3,2,2=15, Travis McGowan an unlucky 0,1,0,1=2, Craig Boyce a troubled 2,1,1,0=4, Shane Parker 1',exc,0,2=3+1 and Leigh Adams 3,2,3,3,1',1'=13+2.

22.....Todd Wiltshire had a night to forget as he could only muster 3,2,R,0=5 for Oxford as they were defeated by Poole 42-48. Mark Lemon added 0,1',3,1=5+1 and Steve Johnston 2,2,2,3,0=9 for the 'Cheetahs' and Craig Watson a handy 1',1,1',1'=4+3 for the 'Pirates'.

22.....Arena-Essex kept Reading at bay winning 49-41 in A PL fixture.

22.....Lee Herne had obvious engine problems throughout the Newport  'Mavericks' versus Sheffield 'Prowlers' Conference League match. Working frantically between heats, Lee could not fix the bike trouble and only scored 1,0,1,0=2. The 'Mavericks' Chris Courage posted a 7 ride maximum 21 as the team went down 41-49.

22.....Belle Vue were comfortable winners over a severely depleted Coventry team 52-38. The 'Bees' were without Billy Hamill, Greg Hancock, Lee Richardson, and George Stancl. For the 'Aces', Jason Lyons was feeling the effects of a fall earlier in the week and put up a brave ex,3,3,3,3=12 before pulling out of the final heat. Kevin Doolan struggled to 1',0,0=1+1.

21.....Sheffield proved a handful for the enigmatic Exeter who are so strong at home but struggle away. The 'Tigers' pounced to a big win 59-31 in this PL fixture. 

21.....After Eastbourne's good run of late, they were well accounted for at Ipswich going down 58-32. In what could be Brent Collyer's last match for the 'Eagles', the Queenslander could not score from his 3 rides. Ipswich however, used Nigel Sadler (Peterborough) as a guest and he really set the match alight with a very impressive 3,1',2',0,1,2'=9+3.

21.....Swindon have humiliated Newport to the tune of 60-30 in PL action.

20.....In a tight match throughout, Poole edged a home win over Kings Lynn 47-43. Craig Watson had a mixed night with 0,0,0,3=3 for the 'Pirates' while the 'Knights' Aussie squad scored.........Jason Crump 3,2,2,3,3=13, Travis McGowan 1,1',0,1'=3+2, Craig Boyce 3,2,1,2=8, Shane Parker 2',0,0,2=4+1 and Leigh Adams 3,2,3,0,0=8.

20.....The Eastbourne 'Eagles' made a barnstorming visit to Coventry and defeated the hapless 'Bees' in 38-52. 

19.....After persistent rain creating delays, the Polish EkstraLiga match between Leszno and Bydgoszcz finally was held with Bydgoszcz winning 43-47. Todd Wiltshire helped his team to victory with 1,2,1,2,3=9, while Leigh Adams suffered a rare engine failure as he posted 2,3,2,ef,1',2=10+1 for Leszno.

19.....Sadly, Brent Collyer has been dropped from the Elite League's Eastbourne line-up and will be replaced by Per Wester. Eastbourne fan Nick Goodman sums up his feelings on the saga.............

"Like most people I don`t like to critcise my own team and it`s decisions,  I love Eastbourne but..................I think they have made a massive error in the dropping of Brent Collyer.  I don`t pretend to know all the ins and outs but I educate a guess that it was not Brent`s decision.

To many away fans he must have been a figure of fun,  a fall guy or a bit of a joke but I think I speak for many Eastbourne fans in saying he will be sorely missed.   Brent stuck with the team (that finished at the bottom end last year) and never gave up.  He won the last reserve race of last season and indeed only dropped his first home reserve race point this season in the home loss to Wolves.....is that the form of a reject?????

As you can see I feel very strongly about this,  Brent was not just a number 7,   he was a significant member of the team and the club.  I understand that Eastbourne are pushing to win the league and are striving to improve their team but Per Wester is not an improvement!!!!!! A rider dropped from the premier league for not being good enough is snapped up by a Elite League side...........you must be joking!!!!

I await to be proved wrong

Nick G

19.....Isle of Wight have easily accounted for Newport in a PL fixture to the tune of 56-34. Adam Shields had a relatively subdued night which included a tapes exclusion with 3,1',T,1,1=6+1. .

18.....Lee Herne is performing well in the Conference League and gaining confidence with each meeting. He rode to 9+1 from 7 rides for Newport 'Mavericks' as they were beaten by Rye House 50-40.

18.....Christian Henry reeled off a tremendous near maximum match winning score of 3,2,3,3,3,3=17 for Conference League team Ashfield 'Giants' as they dealt with St. Austell. Final score ; 55-35.

18.....In Premeir League matches, Reading were outclassed by some determined Newcastle riders, losing their home fixture 43-47. And, Exeter continued their home dominence with a 64-26 flogging of Isle of Wight. Only 'Islander' that gave a good account of himself was Adam Shields with 2,2,2,1,1,2=10.

18.....Wolverhampton continue their unbeaten way with a 4 point win over Kings Lynn in Elite League action. Jason Lyons stepped in to guest for injured Sam Ermolenko and amassed 2',3,2,2=10 for the home victors. For the 'Knights' Jason Crump is still looking ruthless with 3,3,2',3,3,1=15+1, and Leigh Adams as strong as ever on 3,2,3,3,1,3=15, however Travis McGowan (0,0,2=2), Craig Boyce (2,3,0,1,0=6 and Shane Parker (0,1,0,2=3) were off the boil somewhat. Final score ; 47-43

17.....Just one match was held in the 13th round of Polish EkstraLiga due to heavy weather. Further matches may be held the next day. Krystian Goralski reports...............

................................Torun 48  Ryan Sullivan 3,3,2,3,2=13
                                Gorzow 42 
Jason Crump 3,2,3,3,3=14.

17.....Swindon found it hard to shake a determined Exeter but eventually won 48-42. Frank Smart added 8 points to the victors tally.

17.....A farewell meeting at Glasgow was arranged to celebrate Sean Courtney's 19 years of racing. 'Courtney's Crackers' won the teams match 47-46 over the Carl Stonehewer lead 'Stoney's Super Seven'. Steve Johnston (1,1,2,R), Jason Lyons (3,3,3,1=10), and Mick Powell (3,1,1,1=6) helped win the match for the guest of honour.

17.....In a Premier League match, Newport ran out winners over Newcastle 52-40 and are looking a much better prospect. Ben Howe and Anders Henriksson were the stars for the 'Wasps'.

16.....Workington have won the return KOC match at home over Edinburgh 50-40. Mick Powell was sensational posting a 4 ride maximum but Adrian Newman, at reserve, faied to score in 3 rides. Christian Henry did well for the 'Monarchs' adding 2',1',0=3+2.

15.....Eastbourne thumped visiting Peterborough in this return EL match 54-37. Brent Collyer posted 2 points from 4 rides for the 'Eagles'. Ryan Sullivan rode a marathon 7 race match to add 17 to the 'Panthers' tally, Nigel Sadler also had a big night with 6 rides to post 7 points and Brett Woodifield mustered 2 from 4 rides.

15.....It was a tremendous win for Wolverhampton at Coventry in this EL match 41-49. Jason Lyons was guest for the victors with ex,2',2,2=6+1.

15.....From Roman Chyla..................
The pre-meeting favourite Sweden won the World Team Championship (WTC) semi-final at Czestochowa Poland today, and qualified for the final. The top scorer with 15 points each were Henka Gustafsson and Tomasz Gollob, both riding in Poland's EkstraLiga for Bydgoszcz. 
        The surprising packet of this meeting at the highest level happened to be 23 years old Pole Grzegorz Walasek who in the
fourth heat won in front of M Karlsson, Tony Rickardsson and Tomasz Gollob. Even before meeting started there were only two teams capable of winning , Sweden, who this year turned up with their top riders (minus injured Nilsen) or the hosts, Poland. Sweden proved to have more balanced team and deservedly won by 4 points.

1.SWEDEN -  50
Rickardsson 1,2,2,2,3,3  13
M.Karlsson    2,3,3,1,2,1  12
P.Karlsson    2,2,2,2,1,1  10
Gustafsson   3,3,3,1,2,3  15
Klingberg dnr

2.POLAND - 46
Dobrucki        1,3,0,-,-,-       4
Protasiewicz 3,2,1,3,3,1  13
T.Gollob        0,3,3,3,3,3  15
Walasek       3,2,2,2,0,1  10
Ulamek          -,-,- ,0,2,2     4

3.Czech Rep. -  25
L.Dryml          0,1,-,-,ef,0   1
Brhel            1,0,3,3,1,3   11
Svab            1,1,1,1,0,0     4
Jirout             -,0,0,0,-,-     0
Kasper          2,2,2,1,2,  9

4.NORWAY - 23
Holta            3,1,1,1,1,2,2   11
Hansen       0,0,0,0,-,0         0
Gunnestad 2,1,1,3,0,3,2  12
Hielm          0,0,0,-,-,0          0
Skretting                  0             0

15.....Hull snatched a good win away at Stoke 41-48 and have won the KOC tie by the barest of margins 90-89.

15.....Although Berwick won this second leg KOC match, Swindon move into the Semi-finals after winning on aggregate 91-89. Frank Smart could only manage 3+1 from his 4 rides.

14.....Workington's heat leaders were in fine form to help take a tight away win from Edinburgh 44-46. The 'Monarchs' were kept in the match by the lower order, in particular Christian Henry who rode to a paid 10 points from 4 rides (2',1',2',1'=6+4) .

14.....With Todd Wiltshire suffering from an illness, Oxford held off Wolverhampton for as long as possible, but were eventually beaten 44-46. Todd managed two rides before retiring with 3,2',0=5+1, But Mark Lemon is coming along leaps and bounds adding 1,3,2,1=7 and Steve Johnston was off the pace with 1,2,R,2,1=6.

14.....A 5-1 to visiting Eastbourne in heat 10 swung the match away from Peterborough giving the 'Eagles' an edge they were able to hold to the finish of the EL match. Brent Colyer struggled on the away track and was unable to score from his 3 rides. For the unlucky 'Panthers', Ryan Sullivan gave his best with 3,3,1,2,3,3=15, Nigel Sadler had a night to forget on 1',0,0,1=2+1 and Brett Woodifield one to remember with 2,2,1',1'=6+2. Final score, 44-46.

14.....Belle Vue put up a good performance against the in-form Kings Lynn to go down by just 4 points in this EL match. Jason Crump continues his sparkling form with 3,3,2,3,3=14, Travis McGowan struggled today with 1,0,1',1'=3+2, Craig Boyce found this tough adding 0,1',3,1'=5+2, Shane Parker was unpopular with the 'Aces' crowd with 2,2,2',0=6+1 and Leigh Adams terrific as ever on 2,3,3,2',2'=12+2. For BV, Jason Lyons raced to a sturdy 3,2,3,3,1,0=12 and Kevin Doolan posted 1,1,0,0=2

13.....Ipswich are in tatters after a heavy home Elite League defeat at the hands of Kings Lynn to the tune of 34-58. The 'Knights' were simply awesome with Jason Crump (complete with new hair cut) adding 3,3,3,1=10, Travis McGowan going close to man of the match with 1,2',3,2',0=8+2, Craig Boyce with a handy 3,1,2,2=8, Shane Parker a great 2',3,0,3=8+1 and Leigh Adams a classy 3,3,2',3,2=13+1. Other 'Knight' Tom Madsen was man of the match with a fighting 7+2.

13.....Swindon kept Berwick at arms length throughout this KOC match and went on to win 49-41. Frank Smart played the team role riding to 2',1',3,1',0=7+3 and Oliiver Allen put in a great effort of 3,2,2,2'=9+1 to seal the victory.

12.....Craig Watson is showing very good signs of getting back to his best after giving 3,2',1,R=6+1 toward the Poole 'Pirates' winning tally of 52 over visiting Oxford 38. For the 'Cheetahs' Todd Wiltshire was a little inconsistant with 3,1,3,3,1,3=14, Mark Lemon was quick early but could only manage 1,0,0=1 and Steve Johnston had an up and down night of 2,0,2,1,3=8.

12.....Kings Lynn were untroubled in this Elite League match over Belle Vue and impressively won 60-30. Jason Crump is in white hot form now scoring 13+1 from 5 rides, Shane Parker added his usual solid 6+2 from 4, Craig Boyce a brilliant 13+2 'paid maximum', Travis McGowan posted 8+2 from 4 fabulous rides, Leigh Adams with 10+1 from 4 and guest Premier League rider Adam Shields tasted the Elite stage with 1 point from 4 rides. For the 'Aces', Jason Lyons gave his all with 13 from 6 rides and Kevin Doolan added 2+2 from 4 races.

12.....Stoke pounced on home team Hull defeating them 42-48 in this second round match in the KOC competition.

12.....Adrian Newman has ridden a marathon 7 race match for Conference League team Somerset posting 2,3,2,3,3,3,3=19 towards their 39 point total, which wasn't enough to give home team St,. Austell the win with 49.

11.....Isle of Wight have lost a close Premier League home match to Swindon 44-46. Details soon.

11.....Round 11results of Swedish Elite League from Stein Waalen......................

...........................Smederna 57
                           Rospiggarna 39 
Ryan Sullivan 3,1,3,0,2,2=11

...........................Team Svelux 45
                           Masarna 55 
Leigh Adams 3,2',2,3,2',2'=14+3

...........................Vargarna 51  Jason Crump 3,3,3,3,3=15
                           Ornarna 45 
Jason Lyons 3,0,3,3,2,2=13

...........................Valsarna 49
                           Kaparna 47 
Shane Parker 0,0,1,1'=2+1

...........................Indianerna   postponed

10.....An enormous crash in heat 1 has resulted in the hospitalization of Sam Ermolenko(Wolverhampton) and Jason Bunyan(Ipswich) in this Elite League match. Bunyan may be worse off with suspected breaks, but it's too early to confirm. The match went on to be won by the 'Wolves' 51-39.

10.....As expected, Exeter proved an enormous hurdle for visiting Glasgow in the 2nd leg of the KOC Competition. The 'Falcons' are simply awsome at home and won 64-26. Rusty Harrison was not alone amongst a struggling 'Tigers' squad and scored 2,0,0=2 points.

9.....Slovenia's Matej Ferjan has won the Continental Final held at Lonigo in Italy and is now seeded directly into the Grand's Prix of 2001. Positions 2-6 go into the Grand Prix 'Challenge' in Germany on October 8th for their chance of a Grand Prix berth.  Results......................
1. Matej Ferjan (Slovenia) 33332  14+3
qualifies for GP 2001
2. Piotr Protasiewicz (Poland) 33233  14+2
3. Piotr Swist (Poland) 33223 13
4. Sebastian Ulamek (Poland) 11333  11
5. Grzegorz Walasek (Poland) 22312  10+3
6. Krzysztof Jablonski (Poland) 31312 10+2
Qualifies for GP Challenge
7. Aam Skornicki (Poland) 22121  8
8. Bohumil Brhel (Czech R) X0133  7
9. Armando Castagna (Italy) 22201  7
10. Tomasz Bajerski  (Poland) 23000   5
11. Robert Nagy (Hungary) 1220X  5
12. Antoni Svab (Czech R) 00112  4
13. Izak Santej (Slovenia) 10021   4
14. Joachim Kugelmann (Germany) 10011  3
15. Robert Bartrh (Germany) 11100  3
16. Zoltan Adorjan (Hungary) 00020  2

R. Alessandro Dalla Valle (Italy) dns


Roman Chyla

Stoke 'Potters' walked all over a usually tough Workington 'Comet' team and won 52-36. Mick Powell (1',2,1,2,0=6+1) and guest reserve Adrian Newman (1',1',1',0,fex=3+3) could do little about the onslought.

9.....Newport 'Mavericks' were far too strong for Rye House in Conference League action with Lee Herne managing 2,2,3,3=10 for Newport. Final score, 61-29

9.....Glasgow won their 1st leg KOC second round match by 10 points over Exeter 50-40, and now face the very tough 'Falcons' home return match in the 2nd leg tomorrow. Rusty Harrison rode very well and posted 1,0,0,2'=3+1for the victors. 

8.....In an entertaining match, Coventry sneaked home to victory over a determined Oxford 47-43. The visiting 'Cheetahs' were well serviced by Todd Wiltshire on 1',3,ex,3,2,2=11+1, Mark Lemon is slowly gaining his form back with 2,0,3,1=6, Steve Johnston added a a terrific 2,2,3,2',3,1'=13+2 and Shane Parker guested to 2,1',0,2'=5+2.

8.....Although the match score of 60-30 looked one-sided, Belle Vue did put up a good fight.........it's just that they caught hometeam Eastbourne at a ferocious time. Brent Collyer added 2 points to his 'Eagles' score of 60 from his 4 rides, while Jason Lyons rode a marathon 7 heats for 13 and Kevin Doolan could only manage 1+1 from 3 for the 'Aces'. 

                    Workington heat leading duo of G.P. Star Carl Stonehewer and evergreen Aussie
Mick Powell are Premier League pair Champions. After the title was held at the Workington track on Saturday night.
                 The meeting went ahead in spite of heavy and persistent rain both before and during racing and eventually due to the inclimate weather it was decided to stop qualification after just 2 heats and move to semifinals and final.

Anthony McGuire

8.....Edinburgh shrugged off a hapless Sheffield 53-39 as Christian Henry added a handy 2',1',0,1=4+2 for the 'Monarchs' and Simon Stead was a rare shining light for the 'Tigers' with 2,3,1,2,2'=10+1.

8.....Peterborough were simply too strong for Oxford and took the Elite League match 56-34. Ryan Sullivan gave a great Captains knock of 3,3,3,1=10, Nigel Sadler had a great return to form with 3,0,1,3=7 and Brett Woodifield added a handy 1,0,3,0=4. The visiting 'Cheetahs' struggled with Todd Wiltshire 2,1,2,2,2=9, Mark Lemon 1',0,2,0=3+1 and Steve Johnston 2,2,2,2,2,1'=11+1 all scoring more than their fair share of second placings. 

8.....An exciting finish to the Belle Vue versus Wolverhampton Elite League clash lead to a draw at 45 all. Jason Lyons tried his best for 13+1 from 6 rides and Kevin Doolan crashed in his first heat and subsequent exclusion then followed with 2 third places in remaining heats.

7.....Sheffield proved a major headache for visiting Glasgow with a 60-29 thumping in Premier League action. One positive for the 'Tigers' was a great performance from Rusty Harrison posting 1,1,1,3,1,1=7.

7.....The Continental Final will be held at Lonigo in Italy this weekend. The winner of this prestigious event will automatically be seeded into the 2001 Grand Prix series, with the next 5 place-getters given their chance at World Championship glory by competing in the Grand Prix 'Challenge' in October. Oz interest would be with recent visitors Antonin Svab (ISMS 2000), Krzysztof Jablonski(Golden Helmet '99), Izak Santej(Longtrack series '99) and Matej Ferjan(ISMS 2000). The rider line-up is.........................

1 Grzegorz Walasek POL
2 Antonin Svab CZE
3 Piotr Swist POL
4 Joachim Kugelmann GER
5 Krzysztof Jablonski POL
6 Robert Nagy HUN
7 Adam Skornicki POL
8 Izak Santej SLO
9 Bohumil Brhel CZE 
10 Piotr Protasiewicz POL
11 Robert Barth GER
12 Armando Castagna ITA 
13 Matej Ferjan SLO
14 Sebastian Ulamek POL
15 Zoltan Adorjan HUN 15
16 Tomasz Bajerski POL 16
17 Nikolai Kokin LAT
18 Alessandro Dalla Valle ITA

7.....Swindon sneaked through with a narrow win over a strong Workington outfit 46-44. Frank Smart was a valuable contributor for the 'Robins' with 12+1 from 5 rides and Mick Powell added 8 points to the unlucky 'Comets'.

7.....Although Ipswich won by 11 points, Poole were at their throat for most of the match and only went wayward after a Tomasz Gollob/Chris Louis 5-1 in heat 13. The 'Witches' pairing repeated that result in the last heat to send the 'Pirates' packing. Craig Watson had one of his better nights with 3,2,0=5 for Poole. Final score...51-40.

6.....In what could be a record number of Aussies competing in a single UK League match, 9 of our lads gathered together in this clash between Kings Lynn and Oxford. The 'Knights' proved too strong at home for the 'Cheetahs' cruising to a 53-37 Elite League win. Jason Crump was back to his best with 3,3,3,2',3=14+1, Travis McGowan was voted 'Knight' of the night with his 2',1,0,2'=5+2, Craig Boyce with an improved 3,3,0,3=9, Shane Parker a usual solid 2',1,2,1=6+1 and Leigh Adams brilliant adding 3,3,3,3,2'=14+1. For Oxford, Todd Wiltshire had nothing go right posting 1,2,1,2,ef=6, Mark Lemon off the pace with 0,0,1=1, Steve Johnston ef,2,3,1,1',0=7+1 and Jason Lyons filled an injured Jimmy Nilsens spot adding 1,2,3,1,3,1=11. 

6.....Swindon put up a strong challenge while visiting Hull for this Premier League match and narrowly went down 47-43. Frank Smart played his part for the 'Robins' posting 2,3,2,2,2=11

5.....A possible 11 round series is being organised in the UK between a young Aussie team and a young English team. Riders being mooted to make up the Oz squad are .......................
Craig Watson, Kevin Doolan, Travis McGowan, Brent Collyer, Adrian Newman, Adam Shields, Christian Henry, Lee Herne, Rusty Harrison and Scott Smith

5.....Results of round 10 of Swedish Elite League from Stein Waalen....................

..............................Valserna 50
                              Team Svelux 46

...............................Indianerna 46
                               Ornarna 50 
Jason Lyons 1,3,3,3,1,3=14

..............................Smederna 56
                              Kaparna 40 
Shane Parker 1,0,3,0,0=4

..............................Rospiggarna 53  Ryan Sullivan 3,3,3,3,2'=14+1 Paid Maximum.
                              Vargarna 43 
Jason Crump 2,3,3,3,1,exc=12 Last heat exclusion from delaying start.

..............................Vastervik 45  Todd Wiltshire 3,3,3,3,3=15  Maximum    Craig Boyce 1',1',0,0=2+1
                              Masarna 51 
Leigh Adams 3,3,3,3,2=14

4.....Wolverhampton comfortably defeated Oxford 51-42 in Elite League racing. Jason Lyons stepped in to the 'Cheetahs' line-up for an injured Jimmy Nilsen and produced a terrific return for the visitors of 0,3,6,3,2,2=16 which included a 'Golden Double' 6 pointer. Todd Wiltshire was a little down on form with 3,2,1,2,0=8, Mark Lemon struggled to ef,0,1'=1+1 and Steve Johnston 2,ef,2,3,3,0=10.

4.....Swindon were too good for visiting Sheffield in this Premier League match winning 49-41. Frank Smart played his part in the win with 1,3,3,1'=8+1, while Simon Stead performed admirably to 3,2,2,0,3,1=11 for the unlucky Tigers.

4.....Exeter are at it again with another huge win over Arena-Essex on their 'Falcons' track. Final score in this Premier League match was 70-21!!

4.....In front of 4000 speedway fans at Lendava in Slovenia, Matej Ferjan has won the 'Iron Ram Prize and Dunlop Cup' meeting. Steve Johnston competed and finished the heats in 4th place with 2,1,3,3,2=11, but couldn't advance to the Final after a fourth place in Semi-final #2

3.....Round 12 of the Polish EkstraLiga from Roman Chyla......................

...........................Bydgoszcz 50  Todd Wiltshire 3,0,0,1,0=4
                           Pila 40

...........................Leszno 48   Leigh Adams 3,3,3,3,1'=13+1
                           Wroclaw 42

...........................Gdansk 42
                           Gorzow 47 
Jason Crump 2,3,2,2',1=10+1  Craig Boyce 3,0,1,0,ef=4

............................Czestochowa 44
                            Torun 45 
Ryan Sullivan 3,3,2,1',2'=11+2

3.....On a slick Newcastle track, Stoke won this Premier League away encounter 43-47.

3.....With Rusty Harrison suffering mechanical woes for most of the night, Glasgow still were able to come away with a good win over visiting Reading 49-41. Rusty failed to score in 4 rides.

3.....Edinburgh have suffered their biggest defeat of the season as they were bludgeoned by home team Newport  61-29. Christian Henry had a night he'd like to forget with 0,fex,1=1.

2.....Polish Grand Prix result from Wroclaw, Matthew Payne reports.................

The KFC Grand Prix of Poland, at Wroclaw’s Olympic Stadium, built for the Tennis in the 1936 Olympics, certainly will not go down as one of the most exciting Grands Prix in history, but in a Championship context, it was an amazing meeting!

Tomasz Gollob came into the Polish round under high pressure. He was expected to run away with this year’s Championship, but has failed to live up to the expectations placed on him, not making the A Final in Prague or Linkoping. Adding to that pressure was the fact that he was in front of 40,000 screaming Poles, baying for nothing less than a Gollob victory. Unfortunately, for them, they were to be yet again disappointed, as he blew a rear tyre coming out of turn four for the final time in his Semi Final, allowing Australian Leigh Adams a passage through to the A Final, along with American Billy Hamill. Gollob then went on to come second in the B Final. He now lies fourth in the Championship, twelve off the leaders.

The winner, showing his true class, was the defending World Champion Tony Rickardsson. He was the best rider on the night, and bustled his way through to head the pack from the Blue Gate in the A Final. The 25 points he receives for winning the Polish Grand Prix propels him to equal Championship leader along with Briton Mark Loram, who failed to make it to the A Final –the first time in this year’s Championship. Loram went on to win the B Final. One gets the feeling that now Rickardsson has finally won a Grand Prix, that he may now settle into Championship mode, and streak away to win his third World Title.

It was another mixed night for the Australians in the field. Leigh Adams was the best performed of the quartet, finishing fourth in the A Final, finally translating some of his form from his League matches to the Grands Prix. He had to survive being excluded from his second round heat by not making it to the tapes within the two-minute timeframe after a mechanical failure, and then came out in his next two rides and looked sharp. In the final though, he gated well, but dropped to the back of the field and that is where he stayed.

Jason Crump was looking to come back in a big way after the injuries he sustained while going on to win the Swedish Grand Prix. The Polish Grand Prix was really his first full-on competitive ride since the crash. It looked promising for the Gold Coaster after his first couple of rides, but missed out at the Semi Final stage, losing his race to Rickardsson and Louis. In the B Final, he was lucky not to be taken out by Gollob yet again, who took to some grass cutting going into Turn One, Crump eventually finishing third in the B gaining 12 Championship Points, leaving him in sixth position, 13 points behind Loram and Rickardsson.

South Australian Ryan Sullivan’s preparation for the Grand Prix was by no means perfect. He pulled out of his Elite League match earlier in the week with a shoulder injury sustained while practising for the Polish Grand Prix. He looked fast in his opening ride, beating Loram to the line, but came third then fourth in his other two rides, the shoulder injury obviously playing it’s part.

Newcastle’s Todd Wiltshire was looking to continue his consistent form from the first two Grands Prix, but unfortunately wasn’t able to do so. In his first ride he came third to Gollob and Chris Louis, while in his second he left the others standing as he anticipated the start beautifully, and got out in front of Joe Screen and Peter Karlsson who were fighting hard for the final transfer spot – Karlsson narrowly got it. In his last chance qualifier for the Semi Finals, Wiltshire never looked in the hunt, and finished a disappointing fourth, earning 7 Championship points, which leaves him in seventh position in the championship and having to do it from the Knockout rounds in Coventry.

Billy Hamill put in a great performance, after his disaster in Sweden to finish second, and almost winning the event. This puts him in third place in the Championship, four behind the leaders, and still looking to break through for the Championship.

Chris Louis was again the quiet achiever of the event, plugging away quietly – being the only man to win a race from the Yellow gate; he finished third in the A Final, putting him into equal fourth position. While the surprise of the night was Swede, Stefan Danno, who made it to a Semi-Final before suffering a mechanical failure on the second lap of that Semi. He finished fourth in the B Final. Disappointing again was Britain’s Joe Screen who went out again in the second round qualifier – continuing the trend from the previous two races. His fellow Brit, Andy Smith, again seemed as though he was there only to make up the numbers by gaining a pair of fourths.

One of the most interesting statistics to come from the Polish Grand Prix was the performance of riders starting in position two, or the Blue Gate. Of the 24 races, riders starting in Blue won fourteen. This was certainly one of the most Gate-reliant meetings that many seasoned analysts have ever seen.

From Poland, the Grand Prix circus moves to Coventry in England – a happy hunting ground for Jason Crump, having won two previous British Grands Prix, and there will be a massive crowd on hand to push Mark Loram toward his first World Title, at the behest of Rickardsson and Gollob. The majority of the Grand Prix riders will know the Coventry track intimately through their competing in the Elite League, which bodes for a fantastic meeting come July 22.

KFC Grand Prix of Poland, Olympic Stadium, Wroclaw, July 1, 2000

Pre-Main Event:
1: M.Karlsson; Danno; Gustafsson; Sebastien Ulamek
2: Louis; Karger; Hancock; Piotr Protasiewicz
3: Screen; Stonehewer; Dobrucki; Smith
4: Kasper; Karlsson; Hamill; Andersen

Last Chance for 2nd Round
5: Dobrucki; Ulamek; Protasiewicz; Andersen
6: Hamill; Hancock; Gustafsson; Smith

2nd Round
7: Screen; P. Karlsson; M.Karlsson; Karger (F)
8: Kasper; Danno; Stonehewer; Louis

Last chance for Main Event
9: Louis; Hancock; M.Karlsson; Dobrucki
10: Hamill; Ulamek; Karger; Stonehewer

Sweet Sixteen: First Round
11: Adams; Crump; Screen; Danno
12: Sullivan; Loram; Kasper; Karlsson
13: Gollob; Louis; Wiltshire; Ulamek
14: Hamill; Rickardsson; Hancock; Nilsen

Last Chance for second Round
15: Wiltshire; P.Karlsson; Screen; Nilsen
16: Hancock; Danno; Ulamek; Kasper

Second Round
17:Gollob; Loram; Rickardsson; Wiltshire
18: Crump; Hamill; Louis; Sullivan

Last Chance for SemiFinals
19: Danno; Rickardsson; Sullivan; Wiltshire
20: Louis; Adams; Hancock; P.Karlsson

Semi  Finals:
1: Hamill; Adams; Gollob; Danno
2: Rickardsson; Louis; Crump; Loram

B Final:

Loram; Gollob; Crump; Danno

A Final

Rickardsson; Hamill; Louis; Adams

 Championship Points: Top Eight

Joint 1st. Mark Loram & Tony Rickardsson 55
3rd. Billy Hamill 51
Joint 4th. Chris Louis & Tomasz Gollob 43
6th. Jason Crump 42
7th. Todd Wiltshire 41
8th. Leigh Adams 32





Classic scoring



Tony Rickardsson SWE





Billy Hamill USA





Chris Louis GBR





Leigh Adams AUS





Mark Loram GBR





Tomasz Gollob POL





Jason Crump AUS





Stefan Danno SWE





Ryan Sullivan AUS





Peter Karlsson SWE





Greg Hancock USA





Todd Wiltshire AUS





Joe Screen GBR





Sebastian Ulamek POL





Jimmy Nilsen SWE





Antonin Kasper CZE





Mikael Karlsson SWE





Brian Karger DEN





Carl Stonehewer GBR





Rafal Dobrucki POL





Henrik Gustafsson SWE





Piotr Protasiewicz POL





Andy Smith GBR





Brian Andersen DEN



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2.....Workington outgunned Reading in Premier League action with Mick Powell (1,3,2',2=8+1) helping the 'Comets' to the 51-39 win. Adrian Newman, who has recently been dropped from the Isle of Wight 'Islanders' squad, rode as reserve for Workington adding a handy 2',0,1',0,0=3+2.

1.....Lee Herne appeared for the Conference League team Newport 'Mavericks' and scored ef,3,1,1'=5+1. Final score, Peterborough 'Pumas' 43-46.