2001 Jack Daniel's International Longtrack Grand Prix. Tamworth NSW

International Longtrack Grand Prix
The Czech republic's Zdenek Schneiderwind has swept past the pace setting Chris Watson of Cessnock on the last lap of the 2001 Jack Daniel's International Longtrack Grand Prix Final to take the prestigious victory. Watson, who was looking at a second Australian GP win in a row, was unbeaten going into the final but simply couldn't hold off the Jawa factory rider and had to settle for second place.

American Willie McCoy took out the Jack Daniel's Harley Davidson Challenge with 57 points with the Gold Coast's Christian Henry second on 54.

Local Tamworth Sidecar ace Jim-Bob Turner won the Jack Daniel's Sidecar Masters ahead of Chris Pym and Grant Bond. 

The capacity crowd enjoyed a spectacular night's racing that ran without incident.

Bankstown Paceway in Sydney will host the first round of the Jack Daniel's International Longtrack Masters this saturday night, Jan. 13 at 7.00pm.

Longtrack Grand Prix Heat Details..........

Chris Watson NSW 20-20-20=60
Jason Crump Qld 20-20-20=60
Zdenek Schneiderwind CZ 17-20-15=52
Daniel Mason NSW 20-17-15=52
Jason Stewart VIC 17-17-17=51
Mark Loram ENG 17-13-20=50
Krzysztof Cegielski POL 15-15-17=47
Olliver Allen ENG 15-15-17=47
Simon Stead ENG 13-17-13=43
Rodney McDonald NSW 15-13-13=41
Christian Henry Qld 13-10-15=38
Anthony Dall NSW 38
Lee Herne NSW 11-11-13=35
Quentan Byrne NSW 11-11-11=33
Dennis Hall NSW 9-11-10=30
Barry Morgan NSW 10-10-10=30
Ben Peck NSW 10-9-9=28
Grant Myers NZ 10-8-9=27
Harvey McGrath ACT 8-9-9=26
Peter Gower NSW dns-13-11=24
Trent Leverington Qld 11-dnf-11=22
Mark Slater NSW dnf-8-8=16
Dave Watt Qld 0 EF
David Howe ENG 0 EF

Australian Longtrack Grand Prix Final.......

1.Schneiderwind, 2.Watson, 3.Crump, 4.Cegielski, 5.Loram, 6.Stead, 7.Mason, 8.Stewart, 9,Henry, 10.Allen, 11.McDonald, 12.Dall.

Harley Davidson Challenge.....

1.Willie McCoy USA 17-20-20=57
2.Christian Henry Qld 20-17-17=54
3.Thomas Thompson NSW 15-15-15=45
4.Darrell Elliott NSW 13-13-13=39
5.John Peters NSW 10-11-11=32
6.Steaven Dein NSW 11-10-10=31
7.Phil Driver NSW 9-9-9=27
8.Vern Grayson Qld 8-8-8=24
9.Doug Aithchison 7-7-dns=14

Australian Sidecar Masters Points.....

1.Jim-Bob Turner/George Rickard 17-17-20=54
2.Chris Pym/Dean Edwards 20-13-17=50
3.Grant Bond/Victor Gavinlock 15-20-13=48
4.Gavin Edwards/Reece Gossner 13-15-15=43
5.Steven Houston/Brian Young 11-11-11=33
6.Graeme Sipple/Steve Jones 10-10-10=30

Australian Sidecar Masters Final.....

1.Jim-Bob Turner/George Rickard
2.Chris Pym/Dean Edwards
3.Grant Bond/Victor Gavinlock
4.Gavin Edwards/Reece Gossner
5.Steve Houston/Brian Young
6.Graeme Sipple/Steve Jones

Longtrack 2 Valve Classic.....

1.Tony Garard NSW 15-20-20=55
2.Chris Potts NSW 20-17-15=54
3.Peter Drury NSW 17-15-17=49
4.Bob Sunderland NSW 13-13-13=39
5.Steven Schafer NSW 11-11-10=32
6.Alan Folpp NSW 10-10-11=31
7.Ken Beazley Qld 9-9-9=27

250 FTX.....

1.Graeme Smith 17-20-20=57
2.Luke Green 20-17-17=54
3.Mark Dunker 15-13-11=39
4.Jason Morris 11-11-13=35
5.Brett Lever 13-10-8=31
6.Mathew O'Shea dns-15-15=30
7.Andrew Noble 10-9-10=29
8.Tom White 7-8-7=22
9.Tim Jones 8-7-5=20
10.Jay Herne 6-6-6=18
11.Jeremy Emmerson 9-9-dns=18
12.Jamie Emmerson 5-5-4=14

650 FTX.....

1.Luke Green 20-13-17=50
2.Andrew Noble 11-17-20=48
3.Jeremy Emmerson 17-20-11-48
4.Brendan Henry 13-15-13=41
5.Andrew Hamilton 15-10-10=35
6.Mark Dunker 9-8-15=32
7.Jamie Plumb 10-11-9=30
8.Steaven Dein 8-7-8=23
9.Jock Williams 7-6-7=20
10.Michael Esplund 6-5-6=17