2001 Jack Daniel's Australian Longtrack Masters' round 2 Redcliffe Paceway Brisbane. 20th January.

International Longtrack Solos Points......

1.Jason Crump 20-20=40
2.Chris Watson 20-20=40
3.Zdenek Schneiderwind 15-20=35
4.Mark Loram 17-17=34
5.Krzysztof Cegielski 17-15=32
6.Tony Primmer 17-15=32
7.Rodney McDonald 13-17=30
8.Simon Stead 13-15=28
9.Mick Poole 15-13=28
10.Dennis Hall 10-17=27
11.Oliver Allen 15-11=26
12.Dave Watt 13-13-26
13.Anthony Dall 11-13=24
14.Trent Leverington 11-11=22
15.Christian Henry 10-11=21
16.David Howe 11-10=21
17.Grant Myers 10-10=20
18.Daniel Mason 20-dnf=20
19.Sam Taylor dns-10=10
20.Ben Peck 9-dnf=9
21.Mark Slater 8-dns=8
22.David Booth 2-dns=2

International Longtrack Solos Final.......

1..Jason Crump QLD
2..Zdenek Schneiderwind CZ
3..Rodney McDonald ACT
4..Chris Watson NSW
5..Tony Primmer NSW
6..Simon Stead ENG
7..Krzysztof Cegielski POL
8..Mark Loram ENG did not finish

Australian Sidecar Grand Prix Points.....

1.Darrin Treloar/Mick Chase NSW  20-20=40
2.Steve Taylor/Dave Oliver QLD 17-20=37
3.Jim-Bob Turner/George Rickard NSW 17-17=34
4.Stuart Firth/Mark Strachan QLD 13-17=30
5.Michael Kent/Mort Mitchelmore QLD 15-15=30
6.Bill Sewell/Loueen Sewell 20-dns=20
7.Andrew Moffat/Bill Dean dns-15=15
8.Ricky Laycock/Kim Laycock 15-dnf=15
9.Dave Hagel/Steve Ingram 13-dns=13
10.Rob Owens/Kerry Predergast 11-dns=11

Australian Sidecar Grand Prix Final......

1..Jim-Bob Turner/George Rickard NSW
2..Steve Taylor/Dave Oliver QLD
3..Darrin Treloar/Mick Chase NSW
4..Michael Kent/Mort Mitchelmore QLD 
dnf..Stuart Firth/Mark Strachan QLD

Tri-Nations Harley Challenge Points.....

1.Jack Stevens 20-20=40
2.Christian Henry 20-17=37
3.Thomas Thompson 15-20=35
4.Jay Springsteen 17-17=34
5.Robert Komen 13-15=28
6.Vern Grayson 13-15=28
7.Warren Jeffrey 11-13=24
8.Doug Aitchison 9-13=22
9.Colin Metcher 10-11=21
10.Greg Tungate 17-dnf=17
11.Darrell Elliott 15-dnf=15
12.Phil Baker 11-dns=11
13.Wayne McKenzie 10-dns=10.

Tri-Nations Harley Challenge Final......

1..Jay Springsteen USA
2..Jack Stevens NSW
3..Christian Henry QLD
4..Greg Tungate NSW
5..Vern Grayson QLD
6..Doug Aitchison QLD
7..Warren Jeffrey QLD
8..Robert Komen
9..Colin Metcher

Classic Solo......

1..Peter Drury 17-20-17=54
2..Mark Powell 15-17-15=47
3..Tony Gerard 20-dnf-20=40
4..Steven Schafer 10-15-13=38
5..Allan Folpp 13-13-dns=26
6..Ken Beazley 11-11-dns=22
7..John Norval dns-dnf-11=11

1100 Dirt Track Sidecars......

1..David Grainger/Trevor Gaze 57
2..Clayton Benes/John Griffen 54
3..Stephen Smith/Damien O'Donnell 37
4..Afghan/Rob Weir 30
5..Barry Raffin/Ernie Raffin 25
6..Steven Liebke/Adam Leibke 24

600 Dirt Track Sidecars......

1..David Grainger/Trevor Gaze 54
2..Mark Morgan/Rob Thistleton 52
3..Barry Raffin/Ernie Raffin 39
4..Ben Raffin/Steve Smith 37
5..Joel Eaton/Rob Vernon 25
6..Steven Leibke/Adam Leibke 21

250 FTX......

1..Tim Bishop 20-17-20=57
2..Matt O'Shea 13-15-15=43
3..Graeme Smith 11-13-17=41
4..Dustin Goldsmith 17-20-dnf=37
5..Ben Ariss 10-11-13=34
6..Troy Malkin 8-8-11=28
7..Kent Nielsen 9-9-8=26
8..Ben Powell 7-7-10=24
9..Michael Esplund 5-10-7=22
10..Mark Dunker 15-dnf-dns=15
11.Ben Ransom 4-dns-9=13
12.Tom White 6-6-dns=12

251-650 FTX......

1..Tim Bishop 20-20-20=60
2..Marty Blake 20-17-15=52
3..Daryl Gadsby 15-15-20=50
4..Rip Crocker 17-20-13=40
5..Mathew O'Shea 13-17-17=47
6..Mark Dunker 17-13-17=47
7..Ben Ariss 15-15-10=40
8..Michael Chivers 13-11-11=35
9..Trevor Velt 11-10-11=32
10..Ian Mendham 9-9-10-28
11.Craig Brotchie 11-dns-15=26
12..Michael Esplund 9-8-8=25
13..Steaven Dein 10-dns-9=19
14..Michael Ricketts 10-dns-9=18
15..Phil Anderson 8-dns-7=15
16..Mathew Groves dns-dns-13=13
17..Ken Sewell dns-dns-8=8
18..Ben Rnasom dns-7-dns=7


Very wet night with some heavy showers during racing. Meeting shortened accordingly. Crump won Final easily and McDonald surprising Watson with a very late pass on last corner to grab third. Cegielski stopped mid race while in 4th. Olliver Allen and Mick Poole did not compete in Final when organisers reduced the starting field to 8 due to track conditions.

Jim-Bob Turner all the way win in Sidecars from Steve Taylor/Dave Oliver.

Jay Springsteen fought Stevens for first place virtually all race in Final. Henry was making up ground from a bad start.