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ryan.gif (12054 bytes)Ryan was born in Melbourne and rode in his first Speedway meeting at Olympic Park in Mildura, where many top line riders start and carve their Speedway careers. His first major success came with a win in the National Junior Pairs Championships of'89 and going on to win it twice more in the next two years. Then a win at the U/16 Championships in '91 was the springboard for his Senior career. '93 saw him place third in the S.A. Championships, and win the U/21 Australian title. The following year was his debut in England.

Ryan Sullivan had a fantastic 1997 where he rode brilliantly for Peterborough, and won the InterContinental Final which resulted in a berth in his first World Grand Prix series. Finishing as World #7 in '98 was an outstanding achievment however health problems in '99 restricted Ryan's performance in the GP's. That year was however highlighted by taking over the Captaincy of Peterborough which went on to win all 3 Elite League titles, as well as reaching the heady heights of an almost 10.00 point average late in the UK season.
The 2000 European season proved to be another tough year for Ryan as he struggled in places with his engines. Despite this, he was able to comfortably hold his position in the Grand Prix squad for 2001 with an overall 9th placing and his UK average was still in the high 9's. Finished the season off well by winning the 2000 UK Elite League Riders Championship.

More career highlights;

2000 UK Elite League Riders Champion.

'99 World Team Champion

'99 'Foreign Rider of the Year' Polish Div. One.

World U/21 Title, 3rd '95, 2nd '96

1st S.A. Title '95

1st Overseas Final'96

1st Intercontinental Final '97

4 time Aust Champs finalist


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