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Known as the 'Clown Prince' of motorcycle speedway, Steve Johnston also has a serious side to his professional racing career, highlighted by his appointment as Captain of the UK Elite League team Oxford 'Cheetahs'for the last two years. This 29 y/o West Australian flyer started racing in 1990 at Collie Speedway has reached the top levels of GrassTrack, LongTrack and Speedway during his European career.
As of 2001, 'Johnno' has ridden in 7 Australian Solo Championships since '94 and has won two W.A. Solo Championships.

Further career highlights.............

Dutch Golden Helmet winner '95
European Grass Track champ '96
Overseas Finalist '98, 2000.
World LongTrack Semi-finalist '96, '97
Australian 'Test'  Rider