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Kevin Doolan

doolan 1.JPG (31281 bytes) photo Mike Harding
Kevin Doolan is a rising star. Nothing shows that fact more than his career achievements. In 1995 Kevin was placed 5th in the Australian Junior (Under 16) Titles. The next year he improved to 3rd, then moving up to the Under 21 titles in '97, was placed 7th. Early in 1998, his Under 21title placing rose to 4th, then Kevin snared the #2 spot for 1999 following with another second in 2000. A 6th place in his first Aust. 500cc Solo Title is ample evidence of his progress.

Born on the 30th Nov. 1980, this 20 year old, who nominates the late Simon Wigg as his favoured Senior rider, has now reached a stage where his Speedway career could 'skyrocket'. Coming into the '99-'2000 season, Kevin has very good backing from a host of sponsors, has a near new Jawa Laydown under him with a very handy spare Jawa as well, and a host of Speedway tracks around his home town of Shepparton Vic. to ride on.

However, it's Overseas that has his attention and in 1999, Kev swept through the Qualifying and Semi-final, to compete and finish a very creditable 11th place in the World U/21 Championship.......his first attempt at anything like such a prestigious meeting. The Victorian had also been able to snare a place in the famous Belle Vue team in the UK Elite League which was a major coop for this young guns career. A return in the 2000 season to Belle Vue was short lived as he was replaced in their line-up mid-season. Is now fighting to return to the UK where work permits and his assessed average are both working against him. Time is definitely still on Kev's side.

Kevin Doolan's main ambition is..."I want to win everything"
'Mack'n'Row Canvas', 'Metaland', 'House of Kolor', Shane Clare.
wpe2C.jpg (6476 bytes)

Date              Track                      Results                          Comments

31/10/98              Myrtleford Vic.          12 from 5           dns. in one due to elect. probs. max. otherwise.
07/11/98              Mildura Vic                2,3,2,3=10                  1st in 'A' grade Final.
21/11/98               Mildura    Vic.               dnf,2,2,2=6                 fell while 2nd in 'A' grade Final

28/11/98                Mildura Vic.                   2,3,2,2=9                    4th in Vict. Title. Was running 2nd in Final then fell
28/12/98                Labrador Qld.            3,1,2,2=8                 2nd in Consol. final of 'New Years Cup'
3/1/99                     Labrador Qld.             2,3,2,2,3=12             2nd in Final of Aust. U/21 Champs.
29/01/99               Mildura Vic.                    0=0                      Reserve in round 10 of ISMS. Only one ride.
30/01/99            Wayville SA                   5th,6th                   then 5th in 'C' Final of round 11 of ISMS.
13/02/99               Mildura Vic.               1,3,0,3,2=9           Aust. 500cc Solo Champs. Unlucky to gain place in Final. Placed 6th overall.
27/03/99               Nyora Vic.                    2,3                          Meeting abandoned (rain)
03/04/99                 Myrtleford Vic.        3,3,3,3,3=15            Won 'A' Final of 'Solo Masters' meeting.
10/05/99                Prelog Croatia          1,2,3,2,0=8           Equal 6th in qualifier of World U/21champs. Did qualify for next round.
12/07/99         Stralsund Germany         2,f,3,1,2=8                    7th place in Semi final World U/21 Champs.
08/08/99         Vojens Denmark               6 points                 World U/21 Championship. placed 11th.
19/08/99         Kings Lynn                           f,1,ef=1                    Tough start to Elite League for Belle Vue.
21/08/99          Belle Vue                            0,T,0=0                     Engine problems. Versus Peterborough.
22/08/99          Coventry                             0,0,0,1,0=1               Bike problems still. Showing plenty of potential though.
26/08/99          Poole                                    0,0,1=1                   fell while second in one heat.
11/09/99         Belle Vue                               1,1,0=2                   versus Poole
12/09/99         Berwick                                1 from 4 rides       Indiv. meet 'Bordernapolis '99'
14/09/99         Wolverhampton                 2,1,1',0,0,fx=4+1         best match for Belle Vue. 
sept/99           Berwick                                  1 (4 rides)                 Bordernapolis
sept/99           Belle Vue                                 1 (5 rides)         Versus Coventry
oct/99                  Belle Vue                            7 (5 rides)             Ace of Aces
oct/99                Peterborough                      3 (5 rides)             For Belle Vue.
11/12/99         Myrtleford Vic.                         3,2,3,3=11            Third in 'A' Final.
26/12/99           Murray Bridge SA                     2nd in feature race to Brett Woodifield. 
08/01/00          Wayville SA                         5th in 'C' Final round 6 ISMS.
14/01/00         Bacchus Marsh Vic.            3rd in 'C' Final round 7 ISMS
15/01/00         Mt Gambier SA                     4th in 'C' Final round 8 ISMS
28/01/00         Mildura Vic.                             3rd in 'D' Final round 12 ISMS
29/01/00          Murray Bridge SA                1st in 'C' Final round 13 ISMS
05/02/00          Gosford NSW               1,1,0,1,0=3 Aust. Solo Champs
19/02/00         Tamworth NSW             2,2,3,3,3=13   Aust. U/21 Champs
20/03/00         Belle Vue UK                  1,1,1,0,=4      challenge versus Workington
26/03/00         Workington UK                  =4+2          return challenge for BV
27/03/00         Newport                            1',1',1,2,1=6+2      challenge for BV.
08/04/00          Belle Vue                           1',ef,0=1+1           versus Kings Lynn
20/04/00         Kings Lynn                        2,2,0,1=5                for Belle Vue
22/04/00           Belle Vue                        1,1,0,1=3              versus Wolverhampton
23/04/00             Eastbourne                  0,fell,0=0                for Belle Vue.
25/04/00           Wolverhampton            3,0,2,1',2=8+1        for Belle Vue
29/04/00           Oxford                           0,2,1',2',1,0,2=8+2       for Belle Vue
15/05/00          Santarem Portugal      2,2,2,2,3=11             4th place in the qualifying round World U/21 Champs.
28/05/00          Coventry                         0,0,1=1                   for Belle Vue
30/05/00          Peterborough               1 from 4 rides           for Belle Vue
06/06/00          Wolverhampton            1,2',2,0,1=6+1            for Belle Vue
08/06/00          Poole                              1,1,1',2=5+1            for Belle Vue
11/06/00          Coventry                          1,1',0,0=2+1            for Belle Vue
16/06/00           Belle Vue                      1,0,0=1                     versus Ipswich
24/06/00           Peterborough               1',2,0=3+1              for Belle Vue
26/06/00            Belle Vue                      0,2,1,0,1'=4+1          versus Oxford
29/06/00           Belle Vue                          2',1,1,1=5+1          versus Peterborough
08/07/00              Belle Vue                     fex,1,1=2                  versus Wolverhampton
12/07/00           Kings Lynn                      2+2 from 4 rides          for Belle Vue
14/07/00            Belle Vue                         1,1,0,0=2                 versus Kings Lynn
22/07/00            Belle Vue                          1',0,0=1+1              versus Coventry
29/07/00           Oxford                               0,2',1,1'=4+2           for Young Aust versus Young England
06/08/00              Norrkoping Sweden      1,1,2,3,1=9            7th in World U/21 Semi. Qualifies to World Final.
10/08/00            Poole                               2,1,3,1,0=7              for Young Aust. versus Young England.
28/08/00              Gorzow POL.                 1,2,0,1,0=4              13th in World U/21 Final.
29/08/00            Kings Lynn                         1,1,1,3=6                for Young Aust. versus Young England
04/09/00              Newport                           1',2,1,3,3=10+1       for Young Aust versus Young England
05/09/00             Wolverhampton             1,3,3,1'=8+1           for Young Aust versus Young England
12/09/00              Rye House                      2,3,2',ex=7+1         for Young Aust versus Young England
19/09/00              Reading                            2,2,2,1,R=7              for Young Australia
21/09/00               Kings Lynn                    4,2,2,3,4,3=18           Pairs invitation. Five rider heats.
23/10/00                Glasgow                         1,1,1,0,0=3                   Ashfield Classic
26/01/01                Gillman SA                      Made the semi-finals of the 'Jack Young Cup'
27/01/01                Mildura Vic                    3,2,3,dnf=8               equal 3rd in 'Mildura Masters'
17/02/01                Gillman SA                       2,0,3,2,3=10 points                 6th in Australian U/21 champs.

Sean Bysouth

sean2.jpg (61433 bytes)
Sean Bysouth (18) has been tragically killed in an aircraft crash on 1st December 1999. Sean was enjoying his Speedway racing, however was concentrating more on gaining his Commercial Pilots License, preventing regular Speedway competition. A mere 4 days prior to the terrible accident, Sean competed and easily won the Solo Feature race at Swan Hill Speedway, being unbeaten on the night and coming within .2 of a sec. of the track record.
As a 14 year old, Sean began racing Junior Speedway mid 1995 and impressed enough to be included in the Victorian Junior Title at Mildura in Dec of that year, finishing 10th. However, by then he had already begun regular practising on the full sized 500cc machine on a private track.
1996 opened with a 2nd placing in a junior feature event at Wangaratta Vic. then a 4th place (a definite 2nd went begging after a simple mistake in one heat) in the Vic. Championships at Myrtleford. On this performance, Sean was seeded through to the Australian Junior Titles by MA, only to miss the meeting due to turning 16 prior to it's running.
Commencing Senior racing at Mildura late 1996, the tall 'Young Gun' completed his night in 'B' Grade as top points scorer, even though being involved in a nasty crash earlier in the evening.
1997 saw meetings raced throughout Victoria with terrific success at Broadford Speedway as season top point scorer (and going on to win that title the following year), then culminating in his first appearance in a Senior Vic. Solo Title finishing a very ceditable 13th.

sean.jpg (42372 bytes)Jason Lyons sold Sean his number two Jawa 'Laydown' bike early in 1998, and with the first class tutoring received from the very experienced 'International', managed to better his next Victorian Solo Title, placing to 9th.
With studies at Swinbourne University, then passing his Commercial Pilots License subjects, Sean found Speedway racing took a 'back seat' and only competed occasionally in 1999. However, those few meetings still resulted in a continuance of his domination on the Broadford points scores, as well as a fine display of Speedway racing at Swan Hill (his first meeting in 6 months) just prior to his death.
Sean Bysouth's Speedway career may not have taken him to the top of the World, but he thoroughly enjoyed the sport and gave better credentialled riders plenty of spirited opposition. A trait, many who dabbled in this terrific sport, would envy.
He is, and will continue to be, very sadly missed by those fortunate enough to know him.   

As a mark of respect, Sean's results will remain on these pages.
Parents Graham and Mary, 'MAME Engineering', 'Bikes Plus', 'Tiger Angel Leathers'.

Date               Track                   Results                             Comments

17/10/98               Swan Hill                   3,3,3,3=12                         Won feature race in season opener.
21/11/98               Mildura Vic.                0,2,2,2=6                           3rd in 'B' grade Final
28/11/98               Mildura Vic.                 1,0,1,1=3                             1st in 'C' final thus 9th in Vict. Title
30/01/99               Myrtleford Vic.           1,1,2,3,2,2=11                        2nd in 'A' grade final
27/03/99                Nyora Vic.                     3,2                                     Meeting abandoned after rain.
27/11/99               Swan Hill Vic.             Won the Modern Solo class at Classic meeting.


ashley 1.JPG (73782 bytes)Ashley Jones, from Albury NSW, is a youngster on a mission. At  19, he already has a string of career achievements to his credit. Riding his new Jawa Laydown, Ashley has a host of Speedway Tracks around his home area that he can gain valuable time on the bike, and with his Mum and Dad firmly behind his quest, he has the ability to reach great heights in the sport. Myrtleford Speedway in Victoria, is Ashley's affiliated club, and word from there is he has huge potential. One of his hobbies listed is watching Speedway Videos, favorite Senior riders are Tony Rickardsson and Henka Gustaffsson and his only Profile comment is "I want to be World Champion". He's certainly living and breathing 'Speedway '!

Ashley started racing in 1992 and has worked his way up to 'A' grade status via a 2nd placing in the 1996 Victorian U/16 championships,   5th Individual '97 Aust. U/16 Champs,      '97 Aust. U/16 Pairs Champ,    1st '98 Vic Senior Pairs Championships,   and won the Swan Hill Speedway Masters in 1998.  Best result to date is a brilliant runner-up placing in the prestigious 2001 Australian U/21 Championships. Pretty good credentials from just a nineteen year old!  Ashley Jones.........keep an eye on this young 'Hotshot'.


Date                   Track                      Results                               Comments

31/10/98                Myrtleford Vic.              10 from 4 rides                       2nd in 'A' grade points.
07/11/98                 Mildura Vic.                   0,2,2,2=6                                Fell in 1st heat, twist knee. 5th in 'A'Final
28/11/98                Mildura Vic.                       2,3,2,2=9                                    3rd in Vic. Title.
28/12/98                Labrador Qld                   0,1,1,2=4                                    Feeling his way at new track. Got better thru night.
3/1/99                    Labrador Qld                       0,1,2,0,3=6                    Aust. U/21 Champs. Started steady then got better.
30/01/99               Myrtleford Vic.                 3,3,3,3,3,3=18                              Won 'A' grade final
13/02/99              Mildura Vic.                                  fell=0                  Aust 500cc Solo Champs. Was 2nd reserve with only one ride.
06/03/99               Myrtleford Vic.                 3,3,3,2,3=14                   Last two races were handicaps.
27/03/99                Nyora Vic                              1,1                                Meeting abandoned after rain. 
03/04/99                Myrtleford Vic.                 0,2,2,3,2=9                         just missing a berth in 'A' Final
13/11/99                 Murray Bridge SA          3rd in 6 rider Solo Feature Final
11/12/99                 Myrtleford Vic                     3,2,dnf=5            2nd in 'A' Final to Peter Pono. Kevin Doolan3rd.
26/12/99                  Murray Bridge SA         3rd in 'A' Final 
15/01/00                  Gosford NSW              1st,fell        Crashed in 2nd ride. Took no further part?
19/02/00                   Tamworth NSW     0,0,2,1,2=5    Aust. U/21 Champs
04/03/00                    Shepparton Vic      3,3,3,3=12       Won the 'A' Final
2/12/00                  Gosford                            2nd,1st,1st,3rd.              3rd in Solo Gold Cup.
01/01/01                 Gosford                         4th,4th,3rd,5th,3rd. International Masters round 1  
03/01/01                Newcastle                     4th,4th,4th,4th,5th. International Masters round 2
06/01/01                Gosford                          5th,3rd,3rd,2nd,4th   International Masters round 1   
13/01/01               Shepparton 'Undera'           dnf,1,2,2=5
20/01/01                Mildura                         0,1,2,3=6             eq.5th in Victorian Championships.
26/01/01                 Gillman SA                Made Semi-finals of 'Jack Young Cup'
27/01/01                 Mildura Vic                   2,1,2,3=8            5th in 'Mildura Masters'
17/02/01                  Gillman SA                   2,3,2,3,2=12 points           2nd in Australian U/21 Speedway Champs.
24/02/01                   Gosford NSW             3,2,2,2=9                4th in Interstate Challenge
07/04/01                   Gillman SA                  3,3,1,2,3,2=14           1st in 'Pairs Interstate Challenge'                          


Travis McGowan

travis U21.jpg (32661 bytes)

Mildurian Travis McGowan must rate as one of Australia's hottest Young Guns in Speedway for many years. At only 20 years old, Travis has an incredible list of achievements in the sport, and now has the opportunity to broaden his career as a member of the Kings Lynn Elite League team in the UK.
Travis started racing mini-bikes at 7 years of age, with almost instant success, probably due to the fact he had already been riding motorbikes for 4 years. At almost 10, Speedway beckoned, and Travis began racing against riders much older and experienced than himself, finishing on the rostrum of many meetings. Then, at the tender age of 12, he became the youngest ever winner of the Australian Junior Speedway Championship, already as a two time winner of the Victorian State Title!     Before entering the Senior ranks, Travis had won 3 Vict. Titles, 1 Aust Title with top 4 placings in every one contested, and 4 Aust. Best Pairs Championships between '93 and '96.
Racing in his first Senior meeting at Olympic Park, Mildura, just one week after his 16th birthday,  this young flyer was slotted straight into 'A' grade, against a field which included two Internationals.
                          Photo 'Double M Photographics' (08) 8325 2430

He placed 2nd in the Meeting. 1997 saw his first foray into a Senior National Championship where Travis finished equal 3rd on points in the U/21 Title, going on to win the Title in '98....his biggest achievement to date.
The resident of Merbein (just 10 klm's from Mildura) now enters his 5th Senior season, and while a limited racing budget, and an Engineering occupation are restricting meetings raced domestically, he is still able to produce remarkable results. Now with a brand new Jawa Laydown at his disposal that friend and mentor Leigh Adams helped to set up, along with the Jaweso already owned, Travis is fulfilling his ambition and riding in European competition.
Already with two UK seasons under the belt, Travis is ready for a third, however it will not be with Kings Lynn
Age is definitely on Travis McGowan's side.
APK Engineering, Hammerton Jewellers-Mildura, Sunraysia Motors,  McGowan Signs.

apk_engineering.JPG (2533 bytes)

Date               Track               Results                 Comments

17/10/98                 Mt. Isa, Qld          10 from 4                    Ivan Mauger series. 2nd in Semi then 4th in final
07/11/98                 Mildura Vic.                                              Won 'A' Final
28/11/98                  Mildura Vic           3,3,3,2=11                  2nd to Jason Lyons in Vict. Title.
3/1/99                       Labrador Qld.     3,3,2,0,3=11      Aust. U/21 Champs. Was in line to successfully defend title but fell when taken wide in 4th ride. Rode in run-off for a place in Final, but bike problems. Very unlucky.
15/1/99               Warrnambool Vic.   4th,6th,4th,3rd.               fell in 'B' Final of ISMS round 6
16/1/99               Mt. Gambier                   4th,6th,4th                        Won 'C' Final of ISMS round 7
29/01/99            Mildura Vic.                  3,1,0,2,0=6                  Won 'C' Final of ISMS round 10. Very good performance considering the competition.
30/01/99            Wayville SA                6th,4th,4th,6th              2nd in 'C' Final of ISMS round 11
13/02/99               Mildura Vic.                 2,1,2,2,3=10           Aust. 500cc Solo Champs. Equal 4th on points but no final due to count back. Very unlucky but excellent 1st National Title. 5th overall
20/05/99              Kings Lynn UK                 0,1,0=1                First appearance for Elite League Kings Lynn versus Peterborough
22/05/99               Peterborough UK         0,0,0=0                 Tough away match for KL.
27/05/99            Kings Lynn                       0,1,0,1=2              Versus Belle Vue
29/05/99            Belle Vue                         0,1',0=1+1            Away for KL. 
01/06/99            Kings Lynn                        1,0,1,1=3                 Versus Hull. Man of the Match!
09/06/99               Wolverhampton              1,0,2=3                    Showing signs of improving.
10/06/99                Hull                                      0,0,3,1'=4+1          Includes first win in Elite. 
25/06/99            Kings Lynn                         2',0'1=3+1                 Against Oxford.
01/07/99                Poole                                  2 from 5 rides         Loss to KL.
11/07/99            Kings Lynn                     3,2,2,0,2,1'=10+1          Best score so far. Versus Ipswich.
17/07/99            Oxford                       1',0,2,0,0=3+1                     Was better than his score.
13/08/99           Peterborough             1,0,0=1                             for KL
14/08/99            Kings Lynn                  2,2,2,1,f,2=9                     Versus Poole
19/08/99                Kings Lynn                2,0,3,1,1,0=7                    versus Belle Vue
20/08/99            Ipswich                         1',0,0,0,1=2+1                for KL
31/08/99            Kings Lynn                  3,1',0,3,0,0=7+1             versus Hull
02/09/99           Eastbourne                  4 (7 rides)                       foe KL
04/09/99            Poole                             R,1',0,0,2,R=3+1          for KL
09/09/99            Kings Lynn                  1',3,0,1,2',2'=9+3            versus Coventry
sept/99                Kings Lynn                           4 (4 rides)           Bo Brhel testimonial.
sept/99                 Kings Lynn                     4 (5 rides)                     Versus Poole
oct/99                    Kings Lynn                   6 (4 rides)                        V Wolverhampton
oct/99                    Hull                                 8+2 (5 rides)                  for KL
oct/99                     KL                                      8 (6 rides)                   V Coventry
oct/99                    Coventry                       5 (5 rides)                      for KL
11/12/99                Murray Bridge SA     Won the 'Jarrad Priest Memorial' 'A' Solo Feature.
08/01/00            Wayville SA           6th in 'C' Final of round 6 ISMS.
14/01/00          Bacchus Marsh Vic.      4th in 'B' Final round 7 ISMS
15/01/00          Mt. Gambier SA               6th in 'B' Final round 8 ISMS
28/01/00          Mildura Vic.                         1st in 'C' Final round 12 ISMS
29/01/00           Muray Bridge SA           fell in 2nd heat and took no further part in round 13 ISMS
05/02/00           Gosford NSW             2,2,1,2,1=8  Aust. Solo Champs
19/02/00          Tamworth NSW            3,3,3,3,2=14        Winner of the Aust. U/21 Champs
16/03/00          Kings Lynn UK              2,1,1',0=4+1     challenge versus Ipswich
17/03/00           Ipswich UK                         =6+2            return challenge for KL
20/03/00           Gorzow Pol.                 1,0,2',0,2=5+1      challenge versus Polish league team for KL
23/03/00           Kings Lynn                    ef,1,0,2'=3+1       challenge versus Peterborough
25/03/00           Peterborough             1,2,0=3                return challenge for KL
30/03/00           Kings Lynn                      =8+1                 EL match versus Eastbourne.
06/04/00              Kings Lynn                    3,1,0,1'=5+1         versus Wolverhampton
08/04/00            Belle Vue                       3,2,1,1,1=8              for Kings Lynn
09/04/00               Coventry                      2,0,1=3                   for Kings Lynn
20/04/00              Kings Lynn                      3,2',1,2=8+1         versus Belle Vue
22/04/00              Ipswich                             3,1,1,1'=6+1          for Kings Lynn
22/04/00            Kings Lynn                      3,1',1,fell,ef=5+1    versus Ipswich
30/04/00            Kings Lynn                     1,1',1',1=4+2              versus Poole
04/05/00            Kings Lynn                      1,1',2',2'=6+3             versus Coventry
11/05/00            Kings Lynn                      1',1,3,2'=7+2             versus Peterborough.
15/05/00            Santarem Portugal       1,3,3,3,3=13               3rd place in qualifying round of World U/21 Champs
18/05/00            Kings Lynn                       2',1,2,1=6+1                versus Wolverhampton
20/05/00            Oxford                                0,0,3,1=4                       for Kings Lynn
25/05/00              Ipswich                             1 from 3 rides                for KL
30/05/00              Kings Lynn                        1',1',3,1=6+2              versus Oxford
08/06/00               Kings Lynn                     1',1,3,2'=7+2                 versus Eastbourne
11/06/00               Eastbourne                      0,0,0,0=0                     for KL
15/06/00            Kings Lynn                   2,1,2,1=6                         versus Ipswich
06/07/00                Kings Lynn                   2',1,0,2'=5+2                    versus Oxford
12/07/00               Kings Lynn                     8+2 from 4 rides           versus Belle Vue
13/07/00               Ipswich                           1,2',3,2',0=8+2            for Kings Lynn
14/07/00              Belle Vue                         1,0,1',1'=3+2                 for Kings Lynn
18/07/00               Wolverhampton              0,0,2=2                      for KL
20/07/00                 Poole                            1,1',0,1'=3+2                  for KL
22/07/00                 Peterborough             0,1,0,1=2                       for KL
23/07/00                  Kings Lynn                 2',2,2,2'=8+2                versus Poole
27/07/00               Kings Lynn                   3,3,3,1',1=11+1            versus Coventry
29/07/00               Oxford                            3,3,3,3,f=12           for Young Aust. versus Young England
03/08/00               Kings Lynn                    0,0,1,2',2=5+1          versus Ipswich
06/08/00             Norrkoping Sweden       1,2,3,2,2=10       U/21 Semi-final. Qualifies for World U/21 Final.
10/08/00              Kings Lynn               2,2',1,2=7+1                 versus Peterborough.
24/08/00               Kings Lynn                  3,3,1,2',2=11+1            V Ipswich
28/08/00                Gorzow POL.            f,1,3,0,2=6                   10th in World U/21 Final.
04/09/00               Newport                       2,3,3,2,f,2=12               for Young Aust. versus Young England
05/09/00                 Wolverhampton        3,3,3,3=12                for Young Aust. versus Young England
07/09/00               Kings Lynn                   1',1,3,1=6+1                  Challenge match
08/09/00                Peterborough             1',2',1,1'=5+3             for Kings Lynn
09/09/00                Oxford                            0,1,3,1=5                     for Kings Lynn
10/09/00                Coventry                       2,0,2,1,3=8                   guest for Belle Vue
12/09/00                 Rye House                 1,3,3,3,3,2'=15+1        for Young Aust. versus Young England
14/09/00                  Wolverhampton        1,0,0,3=4                      for Kings Lynn
19/09/00                  Reading                         1',0,R=1+1                  for Young Australia
21/09/00                  Kings Lynn                    3,3,2,3,4,4=19             Won Pairs invitation with Adam Shields...five rider heats.
01/10/00                   Eastbourne                  0,0,fex=0                        for Kings Lynn
05/10/00                   Kings Lynn                    2',1',1',2=6+3                V Peterborough
07/10/00                   Peterborough               0,1',0,0=1+1                 for Kings Lynn
20/10/00                   Kings Lynn                   1',2',1,0=4+2                   V Wolverhampton
26/10/00                   Kings Lynn                    1',1,1',1=4+2                   V Coventry
31/10/00                   Poole                             0,0,f,0=0                         for KL
01/11/00                     Coventry                      0,2,0=2                          for KL
02/11/00                   Kings Lynn                   2',2,1,1'=6+2                  V Coventry
20/01/01                      Mildura Vic.                 3,3,3,3=12                      Won the 2001 Victorian Solo championships.
26/01/01                     Gillman SA                    3rd in 'Jack Young Cup'
27/01/01                    Mildura                            2,3,3,3=11               2nd in 'Mildura Masters'
17/02/01                      Gillman SA                     3,3,3,3,3=15              4th in Final of Australian U/21 champs after a fall.