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Welcome to the 2001 annual 'Oz GP Competition'. This is the 3rd year of the tipping game where predictions of the 4 Australian Speedway riders competing in the World Championship Grand's Prix are made.

Prior to each of the six Grands Prix, simply send in your predictions to sboz@vtown.com.au of placings for Jason Crump, Leigh Adams, Todd Wiltshire and Ryan Sullivan in that round.

Depending on where each rider actually finishes in each GP, points will be awarded to tipsters according to their accuracy.

6 points will be given for a correct prediction
3 points for one place off your tip.
2 points for two places away from your tip
1 point for 3 places away from your tip.

e.g. An entrant sends in their prediction for GP#1 of ;
Jason 3rd, Leigh 5th, Todd 7th and Ryan 8th. After GP#1 is run
Jason rides to 2nd, Leigh to 8th, Todd to 7th and Ryan to 6th. The tipster will receive 3 points for being 1 off Jasons place, 1 point for 3 off Leigh's place, 6 for correctly tipping Todd's placing and 2 points for 2 off Ryan's placing. 3+1+6+2=12 points for round 1.     

There will be a prize for first and second place getters after the 6 rounds are completed. Highest points scorer will win.

Results after each round will be displayed on this web site.

After round 2, the competition will be closed to newcomers.

Tips must be sent prior to the start time of each round.

Please include the country where you are from.

The 2001 World Speedway Championship Grand Prix season........

Round 1 GERMAN GP May 5th Berlin.
Round 2 BRITISH GP June 9th Cardiff, Wales.
Round 3 DANISH GP July 28th Vojens.
Round 4 CZECH GP August 18th Prague.
Round 5 POLISH GP Sept. 8th Bydgoszcz.
Round 6 SWEDISH GP Sept 29th Stockholm.

Round 2 competitors.

1.Tomasz GOLLOB (Poland)
2.Henka GUSTAFSSON (Sweden)
3.Nicki PEDERSEN (Denmark)
4.Tony RICKARDSSON (Sweden)
5.Gregorz WALASEK (Poland)
10.Brian ANDERSEN (Denmark)
12.Matej FERJAN (Slovenia)
13.Mark LORAM (GB)
14.Billy HAMILL (USA)
16.Piotr PROTASIEWICZ (Poland)
17.Niklas KLINGBERG (Sweden)
18.Chris LOUIS (GB)
19.Andy SMITH (GB)
20.Mikael KARLSSON (Sweden)
21.Rune HOLTA (Norway)
22.Jimmy NILSEN (Sweden)
wc.23.Martin Dugard (GB)
wc.24.Scott Nichols (GB)